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Our main offering is signed with a stretch strictly confidential.
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, a helping legal hand.

Exclusive Services for
International Organizations

Our specialization is about all of those areas of law which the International Organisations need every day, in cases that require the support of legal professionals, to effectively perform each task scheduled on the agenda, in addition to the Annual Operating Plan, which specifically includes:

Drafting, revision, interpretation and legal analysis of insurance agreements, conventions, treaties, contracts, deeds interest, leases, insurance, and any other document that requires the expertise and assistance of experienced professionals in the Law. We have created a system of legal protection shield, to assist in the defense against any type of complaint in the matter of Law, that can be produced.

Management Legal and Administrative Law for processes and streamlining of legal practices which involve Government Entities, with agility and precise simplification, such as:

Records of vehicle license plates registered to diplomatic missions or international,
Permits and applications in the field of migration and offices of foreign nationality,
Permits about work and residence,
Approvals of qualifications,
Documents for exemptions,
Exonerations,for certain payments,
Complaints of sums of payments remained pending or unresolved.

Managing and issuing legal documents concerning notarial, as authentications, writings, deeds, transfer of property, donations, compensations, foreign investment or foreign.

Support and implementation of development projects
, performed by Organizations of International Cooperation, with legal assistance, employment, tax, accounting, for which we collaborate with our Multi-disciplinary Team (www.cpapt.com).

Proven experience in the design, drafting and revision of manuals, guides, regulations and rules of procedure, draft laws, decrees, oriented materials governing the work of International Organizations.

Legal Services for
International Officials

The only legal signature which can have an Exclusive Insurance Legal Plan for International Officials and for his family.

The full legal coverage plan, is to provide permanent assistance, with the aim of facilitating their stay in the designated country;

Take our responsibilities to take care of all the legal issues that must be completed to his residence, comply with applicable law, in the following retail aspects reported here:

⚖   -   Permanent care about the rights and obligations; prevention of cases or occupational hazards, that can damage or obstruct the free use of finances or assets of the officer,

⚖   -   Processes of exemption and exoneration of taxes in order to get the annual document for exemptions, (where possible and comply with the laws of each country where is the residence),

⚖   -   Generic legal procedures; issues of migration, citizenship as a foreigner, compensation,

⚖   -   Family Law, labor, and in all branches of Law, specifically adapted to the International Law, that applies to International Officers,

⚖   -   Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability,

⚖   -   Leases urban, rustic, rural areas. Horizontal property, real Rights,

⚖   -   Full legal insurance for accidents with the car, accidents in the workplace, and others.

On C.J.I. we offer a total and personalized service both interventions in the legal field, trying to be able to get in the first instance, a conciliatory resolution or agreement, if it is always possible, thus avoiding all the costs and long delays, as a result of a legal process.