Our Profile and innovation, in accordance
with the evolution of International Law

Consultores Jurídicos Internacionales C.J.I., is the only legal signature registered, the owner of a home specializing, with exclusivity in providing legal cover that is integral, permanent and customized, to the International Organizations, with the aim to support consistently the stabilization of a legal protection that allow each Organization, the free performance of his duties and his daily work, without any kind of legal trouble.

Our extensive experience working with International Organizations, allows us to have a specialization approved by a quality standard ISO 9001/2001, and with the international standard NICCI1, as an International Legal Registered Cover, to provide a full legal;

This coverage is summed up by its initials in Spanish: "L.E.G.A.L." which are the FIVE needs and fundamental axes identified in studies and quality analysis global, that any International Organization must to implement to be successful in its functions and its projects: